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AIMIL launches ‘Ayouthveda’ beauty care products laced with natural fragrance from Kannauj



It is common practice for beauty brands to use ingredients that could potentially harm the body. These toxins may seem harmless, but can severely damage the skin in the long term. However, with the increase in awareness about the harmful effects of chemicals on health, used in the production of popular conventional beauty care products, a shift of preference among consumers has been observed in favour of herbal personal care products. Herbal beauty products are also gaining popularity over synthetic products due to lesser side-effects. Besides, increasing working women population and their inclination towards chemical-free herbal cosmetics are one of the major drivers of Ayurvedic personal care products.

The beauty care market in India is booming with ever growing demand for herbal beauty products, a shift from synthetic-based cosmetic items in view of their harmful effects on skin.

But recently, it has been noticed that in the garb of herbal products, sub-standard products are being sold in the market. Hence, now people prefer beauty products based on Ayurvedic formulations.

Supported by the Government researches, many companies including New Delhi-based AIMIL Pharma have launched a wide range of chemical-free beauty products based on centuries old Ayurvedic practices.

AIMIL Pharma recently got a shot in the arm when Kannauj-based Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre (FFDC) in Uttar Pradesh under the Union Ministry of Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises (MSME) prepared a natural face serum and fragrance on its behalf. The NABL-accredited FFDC recently transferred the technology to the herbal products manufacturer which has now launched a range of quality beauty products under the brand ‘Ayouthveda’ in the market.

Ayouthveda passionately combine the traditional rituals with modern technology to offer authentic products for face, body, hair and personal hygiene.

According to AIMIL Pharma Director Dr. Sanchit Sharma, the products under brand ‘AyouthVeda’ are based on time tested ayurvedic formulations which are safe for skin, hair and other body parts. One of the ingredients in these is extracts of fragrance from various herbs and flowers developed by the Kannauj-based Centre. Hence, these not only enhance one’s beauty but also rejuvenate skin and help protect from various infections and pollution.

For instance, the skin cream made of aloe vera has healing ailments. Similarly, anti-hair fall tonic is blended with 42 therapeutic botanicals such as shikakai, bhringraj, pudina, onion and tulsi that have known rejuvenation and nourishment properties. Personal hygiene product ‘Vagitone Intimate Hygiene Wash’ meant for intimate hygiene of women is a formulation of sphatic, amla, ghrit kumari (Aloe vera), green tea, haridra among others.

Dr. Sharma further said that the products have been adequately tested by dermatologists to ensure that those are free from chemicals and not harsh on skin. “Moreover, we provide detailed labelling on our products for buyer’s awareness,” he said.

He debunked the myths that ayurveda-based beauty care products are costly. “It’s just a myth that ayurveda-based products are out of reach cost wise. But consumer is definitely in benefit as these are rich in natural ingredients having multi benefits,” said Dr. Sharma.

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