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Air India reinstates the warm & hospitable ‘Maharaja Namaste’



While the world rediscovered ‘Namaste’ during the Covid-19 pandemic, to Indians, it resonates at a spiritual level as it appeals to the core value system of Air India. ‘Namaste’ rekindles fond childhood memories as it perhaps is one of the first life lessons that our parents teach us as a mark of showing respect to elders.

“Rooted in its Indian values and reminiscent of its glorious past, the Maharaja once again welcomes its travel companions with Namaste – the Indian greeting that cuts across cultures and civilizations extending warmth and unmatched hospitality to all its customers daily,” an Air India communique said.

“The Maharaja has all along been the unequivocal ambassador of Namaste and Air India is pleased to bring back the culture of Indian greeting in all its fervour and splendour across all our airports.

Airline’s grounds personnel look forward to warmly welcome you with a smile and Namaste, waiting to enchant you and your loved ones as you board your next flight with us,” it added.

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