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‘Let Feelings Shine’ with Matrimony.com


CHENNAI, OCT 13, 2022

   On the occasion of Karwa Chauth, Matrimony.com launched a social message on ‘mutual love & understanding’. 

The video starts with the wife questioning her husband as to why does he fast, and reels names in their circle saying none of the men observe a fast for Karwa Chauth.  Husband retorts with anger for this taunt from the wife saying ‘If you can fast for my long life, can’t I fast for yours? It’s my choice’.  Then we see the wife closing her laptop on which she was working on and brings in a plate with some eatables and water and starts to drink the water breaking her fast, and saying ‘if you can fast for me, then I can break my fast for you’.  The video ends with each of them sharing the glass of water and feeding each other with a message ‘let feelings shine’.

Talking about the social message, Arjun Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer, Matrimony.com, said, “we wanted to highlight ‘mutual love & understanding’ as the centre point of every marital relationship. The campaign is an interesting take on a modern-day couple celebrating Karwa Chauth with an unexpected twist beautifully highlighting the love, concern, and care between them. Matrimony.com has always stressed on ‘Happy Marriages’ and this campaign highlights the essence of that”.

Karwa Chauth is observed annually by married women from Hindu communities who hold a fast for the long life of their husband. The fast is followed for the safety and prosperity of their husband. This year the festival falls on October 13th, 2022. The festival is observed with much fervour by most of the women in the Northern and Western parts of India where they do not take any food or even water for the entire day. 

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