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Numeric injects optimism into 2022 through its ‘Energy Anthem’


CHENNAI, DEC 30, 2021

Ushering in 2022 with positivity and hope, UPS manufacturer Numeric has released an “Energy Anthem” dedicated to the society for keeping alive the energy of hope, growth, and togetherness.

The 2.03-minute-long video released by Numeric injects hope and optimism and motivates the society to welcome the New Year with a new fervour. The lyrics is a reminder of all that we are capable of and the fact that when there is hope, there is growth.

Commenting on the Energy Anthem, Numeric CEO Palash Nandy said, “As we look forward to the dawn of a new year, it is the constant (uninterrupted) energy in each one of us that has kept us going. We want to celebrate this energy with an anthem dedicated to the society for overcoming challenges, fighting against the odds and staying together,” he said.

Through this anthem, Numeric aspires to kindle this energy to say – We are the hope, we have the energy to create the destiny, and we will remain together this 2022 to demonstrate we are the energy.

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