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No auction of bauxite mines in 5 years sees India importing bauxite

Ramesh Chandra Mohanty Aluminium and its alloys are being increasingly used right from domestic appliances, electrical conductors in transmission lines, to building and construction, automobile, defence, aerospace industry as well as myriad other critical applications. It has significant strategic implications in realizing the dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat and India’s vision to become a USD 5 trillion economy. Bauxite has no ...

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India imports Bauxite despite vast reserves

Dr. Tapan Kumar Chand The strategic importance of Aluminium for India to achieve the vision of becoming a $5 trillion economy cannot be overstated. Aluminium finds critical usage in core sectors like defence, aerospace, transportation, energy security, building & construction many more. Aluminium gives all that contemporary time demands: speed, saving & sustainability. As India emerges from the global public ...

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Building trust, respect for local communities key to sustainable mining

D B SUNDARA RAMAM Mining and Agriculture are two of the earliest endeavours of humankind invented to sustain and survive. The two industries ranked together were the primary or basic industries of early civilization. Today, mining is one of the key sectors that provides jobs and contributes towards building nations globally. Unlike other industries that are able to choose where ...

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