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Centurion University hosts cyber security hackathon ‘KAVACH 2023’ in Odisha



Centurion University, Odisha hosted cyber security hackathon ‘KAVACH 2023’  in physical mode with the “Identification of innovative concepts and technology solutions for addressing security challenges of the 21st century faced by our intelligence agencies.”

The grand finale of KAVACH-2023 was held this month at five different Zonal Centres, including Centurion University  in Odisha. The 36-hour event witnessed participation of 23 teams comprising 138 participants.

This captivating affair boasts an eclectic array of 20 problem statements rooted in the cyber security milieu, summoning imaginative minds to vie for supremacy by submitting their visionary solutions. These talented teams will work on problem statements related to cyber security, focusing on new-age women’s safety app, an obscenity blocker solution, an advanced fake news detection system, a phishing detection solution, cutting-edge ANPR and FRS solutions, a dark web crawler, a spam alert system, a malware analysis tool, a sophisticated CCTV analytics solution, a RAM dump collection tool, a citizen safety app for safeguarding against cybercrimes, a tool for tracking fund trails, a mechanism for monitoring ground personnel, a chat messenger decryption tool, a mesh network app detector, a solution for identifying LoRa usage, a hardware forensic suite, a plug & play system security audit tool, a mechanism for auditing portable electronic device hardware, and an indigenous crypto currency investigation tool.

With AI-driven technology making significant strides in the IT domain globally, the gap between classroom learning and industrial application is widening exponentially. KAVACH-2023, launched by All India Council for Technological Education (AICTE) under the leadership of Chairman Prof. TG Sitharam, Vice Chairman Dr Abhay Jere along with Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell and Bureau of Police Research and Development and Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, offers a unique opportunity for students and startups with innovative minds to bridge this gap.

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