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Govt and corporate should work together on welfare programmes: Odisha WCD Secretary



Inviting the corporate world to work together on CSR activities, Odisha State Women & Child Development Department Principal Secretary Subha Sharma on Friday said that if both government and corporate work together on welfare programmes, then available resources will be utilised prudently and there will be less chance of duplication.

Speaking at the CSR summit organised by the Odisha State Chapter of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) here today, she urged the corporate world to be more conscious while making agreements with civil society organisations for CSR programs. Many of these organisations are mainly involved in capacity building, training activities and holding meetings which have no tangible results in people’s life.

Talking about the importance of CSR, CII Odisha state Chapter Chairman and NALCO CMD Sridhar Patra said, “For me CSR means Come, See and Realise to change lives. Each business is using the resources of society. So, it is the primary responsibility of the business to work for the wellbeing of the society.” Reach out to the people and change their live, he advised the corporate world.

CII Odisha CSR Panel Convenor Prashant Hota said that Arthasatra written by Kautilya clearly defined how a business should be a friend for people. Businesses making profit should stand with people at the time of crises and difficult situations.

The event primarily focused on maternal health and adolescent health under the broad sectoral themes of good health and wellbeing (SDG Goal-3). Two plenary sessions on the themes of Investing in reproductive and maternal health and rights and Investing in adolescent and young people’s health were also held.

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