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Vedanta Aluminium fuels excitement for FIH Hockey World Cup 2023 in Rayagada



Vedanta Aluminium has partnered with the Rayagada District Administration to bring a slice of the ongoing FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 to the district.

As part of the recently- concluded Chaiti Mahotsav organised in Rayagada between January 18 and 22, Vedanta Aluminium put together a mini hockey stadium experience for the local community replete with several interactive exhibits themed around the Hockey World Cup. The installation garnered great interest from both young and old hockey enthusiasts in Rayagada and its surrounding areas, with more than 1 lakh people visiting the Vedanta stall over the five-day festival.

The Chaiti Mahotsav is an important cultural showcase held annually in Rayagada district. It features exhibits and performances depicting the rich tribal art and cultural history of Rayagada, drawing artistes from across the state to the event. The latest edition of the festival was held for the first time after the COVID pandemic.

In keeping with the heightened anticipation around the FIH Hockey World Cup 2023 taking place in Odisha, Vedanta Aluminium set up an interactive hockey-themed experience for visitors to the festival. Community members could interact and pose for photos with life-size cut-outs of their international hockey heroes. The exhibits also included a life-size photo of the Indian National Hockey Team, along with a replica of the Hockey World Cup trophy. The Vedanta stall also featured a mini hockey ground complete with real hockey bats and balls for visitors to have fun and pose with.

Sharing the intent behind the exhibit, Vedanta Aluminium CEO-Mines V Srikanth said “All of our community development interventions are focused on encouraging our community to aspire for and achieve a better quality of life for themselves and future generations. Towards this end, we are undertaking several educational and sports development initiatives in Rayagada and its surrounding areas. These include several community sports sponsorships and competitions for the local youth. Through this exhibition, we wished to help our local community members experience some of the high energy from the ongoing Hockey World Cup, and perhaps even inspire a few to even take up the sport themselves.”

Commenting on the interesting exhibits, Rayagada Additional District Magistrate Dharmananda Behera said, “I am thankful to Vedanta for this innovative way of bringing the World Cup experience a little bit closer to the people of the district and giving them a glimpse of life on the playing field. It speaks volumes of the efforts of the company to inspire and engage youths with new opportunities in life.”

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