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Vedanta Aluminium launches ‘Jal Seva Shibir’ in Jharsuguda



As part of its corporate social responsibility, the Jharsuguda Unit of Vedanta Aluminium has launched ‘Jal Seva Shibir’ to provide drinking water to local communities, to offer relief from the summer heat.

Water kiosks have been set up at Bhurkamunda village, Sarbahal Chowk, Jharsuguda Railway Station and Bus Stand, in association with NGO Sehada, to provide free drinking water, lemon water and buttermilk to the public. The kiosks serve around 8000 people, including travelers at the Jharsuguda Railway Station daily.

The company has also deployed water tankers to provide drinking water to communities in 11 wards of Jharsuguda who are facing acute water shortage, thus helping nearly 25,000 people.

Dedicating the water kiosk at Bhurkamunda village to the public, Vedanta Ltd. Jharsuguda CEO Sunil Gupta said, “As extreme weather conditions prevail, we, at Vedanta Aluminium, are extending all possible support to provide relief to the residents of Jharsuguda. The quality of life and well-being of Jharsuguda’s populace is at the centre of our community welfare endeavours.  We are committed to creating a lasting positive impact in the regions where we operate, through our operations and developmental interventions.”

Every year, Vedanta Aluminium partners with Jharsuguda Municipality to supply drinking water in water-stressed localities during the summer months, so that the community has access to clean and safe drinking water throughout the season. The company has also created several water infrastructures like ponds, tube wells, dug wells, percolation tanks, etc. in its peripheral villages to ensure water availability round the year. Each summer, the company also undertakes deep cleaning of ponds and other water sources in the nearby areas, so these water bodies can be rejuvenated and recharged when monsoon arrives.

Appreciating the company’s efforts towards making drinking water available to the public, Jharsuguda Municipality Executive Officer Manoj Tandi said, “The summer season sees acute water shortages in certain parts of Odisha. Vedanta Aluminium’s support to the District Administration in providing safe drinking water to the community is helping address water shortage in the region. I commend the company for coming forward with this initiative to alleviate distress in these extreme weather conditions.”

Vedanta is India’s largest producer of the green metal, aluminium, operating a world-class 1.6 MTPA aluminium smelter and 3615 MW thermal power generation facility in Jharsuguda, Odisha. The only Indian smelter in the global ‘1 Million Tonne’ production and export club, Vedanta Jharsuguda is a leader in value-added aluminium products that find critical applications across core industries. With its state-of-the-art facilities, unparalleled engineering prowess, R&D and innovation abilities, Vedanta Jharsuguda is working towards a sustainable and greener future for all by spurring emerging applications of aluminium, the ‘Metal of the Future’.

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