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DSP Banking & Financial Services Fund opens for subscription


MUMBAI, NOV 20, 2023

The DSP Banking & Financial Services Fund, an offering from DSP Mutual Fund, opened for subscription on Monday. With a focus on generating returns through both domestic and overseas equity and equity-related securities, this open-ended equity scheme will be available till December 4, 2023.

The scheme re-opens for continuous sale and repurchase within five days from the date of allotment.

The main goal of the fund is to generate returns by investing in both domestic and international equity, as well as equity-related securities of companies operating in the banking and financial services sector.

‚ÄúCompanies in the BFSI sector have large profits compared to other sectors. The profit pool is also growing due to the addition of diverse businesses across insurance companies, mutual funds, wealth management firms, tech platforms supporting the industry, payments and fintech. We prefer to raise money in such sectors with long-lasting growth when their prices are falling or consolidating. Lenders also have leverage as raw material and hence go through cycles of volatility. In recent years, stocks in the BFSI space have corrected, thus increasing the margin of safety for an investor. We are happy to launch the NFO when valuations are reasonable,” says Kalpen Parekh, MD & CEO, DSP Mutual Fund.


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