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PGIM India Mutual Fund launches Money And Me website


MUMBAI, AUG 29, 2022

PGIM India Mutual Fund on Monday announced the launch of a new investor education and awareness website: MoneyAndMe which contains exhaustive content on various aspects of personal finance including household budgeting, protection, savings and investing.

The company also announced the launch of a consumer awareness campaign – ‘Aapka HappinessPlanned’ to promote the MoneyAndMe Initiative.

The MoneyAndMe initiative draws on a key insight that different consumer personas have different needs for information and awareness, enabling it to sharply personalise content to make it more useful for respective consumer personas, thus helping investors dealing with various financial challenges in a changing world, by providing financial insights that improve their financial wellness.

PGIM’s customer insights identified six separate personas when it comes to dealing with financial challenges and planning. These include Gen-z Seekers and Dreamers (18-24 years), Ambitious & Every-ready (25-30 years), Begin & Soar (31-40 years), Family First & Forever (41-50 years), Seasoned & Secured (51-60 years), Proud & Purposeful (61+ years). The website offers a host of content formats such as blogs, listicles, infographics, calculators, FAQs and glossary, etc., for each of these personas, thus enabling investors to relate better and access it in familiar formats.

PGIM India believes that this personality-based approach uniquely connects with investors and will go a long way in enhancing investor awareness across India. With proper guidance, everyone, no matter what stage of life they are in, can plan for their future. The MoneyAndMe initiative guides consumer personas to follow the right sequencing based on their life stages – typically involving household budgeting, buying protection through Insurance, followed by saving (which includes an emergency corpus) and finally, investing (that includes tax optimization) to imbibe financial discipline and attain financial independence at every stage of life. Within the Investing stage, there is a need to prioritize retirement planning as well, since that is the only financial goal for which one can’t get a loan.

To promote the MoneyAndMe initiative, PGIM India Mutual Fund has rolled out its marketing campaign ‘Aapka Happiness Planned’ with a film which shows a stand-up conveying the true meaning of happiness through a lyrical song. It serves as a reminder to people that life is more than just tirelessly pursuing money, and that the real investments in life go beyond finances. It nudges people to understand that life can be easier when they plan ahead, and they can be free to realise their dreams and invest in ourselves, their health, and their loved ones.

The insight for ‘Aapka Happiness Planned’ campaign came from the fact that pursuit of happiness is what drives most individuals to make choices in life. Happiness plateaus after a certain level of wealth and according to a study done by Princeton in 2010, happiness is influenced more by a sense of purpose, habits, social connections, gratitude and experiences.

Talking about the launch, Sakshi Dalela, Director & Head of Marketing & Communication, said, “We believe that it is behavioural nudges and habits that impact most outcomes for investors. With the ‘Aapka Happiness Planned’ campaign, PGIM India is helping investors connect with these interesting insights. Our MoneyandMe initiative provides persona-focused content and insights to enable consumers to take financial decisions, pursue their passion, and achieve their life goals by following the right sequencing viz. budgeting, protection, savings and investing. With this initiative, we hope to help consumers imbibe financial discipline to attain financial independence at every stage of life.”

This campaign crafted by FCB Interface is aired on several platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and is set to create waves with its empowering message for people.

Headquartered in Mumbai, PGIM India Mutual Fund has a presence in 27 cities across the country. PGIM India Mutual Fund brings a rich blend of global resources, intellectual acumen and local investment expertise and is committed to designing superior and meaningful, wealth-building solutions for our investors.

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