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OMRON Healthcare introduces high-quality medical molecular sieve Oxygen concentrator



OMRON Healthcare, a global leader in home blood pressure monitoring and solutions for cardiovascular disease management, on Tuesday announced its latest advancement in the Oxygen therapy category with the launch of a portable Oxygen concentrator. It is a medical molecular sieve-based Oxygen concentrator providing continuous supply of high purity Oxygen (5L per minute) with more than 90% high concentration output.

The product is designed to aid the homecare providers when managing the therapy and lifestyle needs of nearly all patients with COPD and respiratory problems.

Oxygen concentrator is a device which concentrates and produces Oxygen from ambient air by filtering out other elements present in the air.

The OMRON Oxygen Concentrator uses high quality medical molecular sieves to ensure the efficiency and the quality of the Oxygen while keeping the portability quotient of the device in check which makes it easier to carry around.

It efficiently caters to the portable needs of nearly all Oxygen users including those who are highly active or require continuous flow. The device also has high-impact resistant design with large fan blades for quick cool down. It works on PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology that helps in separating Nitrogen, Oxygen and other elements. A 360-degree mute wear-resistant universal caster wheel makes it easier to move around.

On the launch of the product, OMRON Healthcare India Managing Director Kotaro Suzuki said, “OMRON Healthcare is committed to offering best preventive healthcare technologies to improve lives. With this new advancement, we want to reinforce our dedication towards our goal. This noteworthy addition to our existing line of products will help us make Oxygen concentrators more affordable and accessible and contribute to bridging the huge gap between the demand and supply of the medical Oxygen in the country.”

This latest offering from OMRON Healthcare provides patients with greater mobility and simplicity to help improve their lives.

The product will initially be available in the metro cities in OMRON’s authorized experience centers, and it will be made available through e-commerce channels soon.

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