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GKEL dispatches 200th fly ash rakes to end users



Availing the facility extended by the Indian Railways to transport fly ash, GMR Kamalanga Energy Limited (GKEL) achieved a key milestone by dispatching its 200th fly ash rakes produced in the plant to various users including cement industries, brick manufacturers and agencies engaged in construction of National Highways (NH). 

GKEL achieved the milestone as first power plant in Odisha in terms of ash transportation by rail mode. GKEL had loaded its first rake of fly ash to a private siding at Bhadrak for brick manufacturers on October 25, 2020. This is a significant development in GKEL’s aim of ensuring 100 per cent fly ash utilization in a gainful manner through avenues that foster circular economy. Coal-based power plants are the biggest sources of fly ash. Fly ash is a pollutant and improper disposal of the same causes environmental and health hazards

Fly ash is a by-product of thermal power generation using coal. The fly ash can be utilised for improving product quality, conserving energy, water and other valuable resources and reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. GKEL is dispatching fly ash to end users through rail and road which has been very successfully implemented for long-run ash utilization.

Congratulating the efforts of employees and associates in achieving this humongous task, GKEL COO Dhananjay Despande said, “Rail mode has expanded our horizon to reach more end users at distant locations and availability of rakes will further augment in achieving ash utilization target on a sustainable basis. We could achieve this target due to efforts of our employees, associates and the support of East Coast Railway officials.”

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