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In-house fabricated Sample Collection Trolley inaugurated at RSP Raw Material Handling Plant



An in-house fabricated Sample Collection Trolley for Track Hopper–2 site of the Raw Material Handling Plant of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) was inaugurated recently by Atish Chandra Sarkar, CGM (Quality) and SS Roychoudhary, CGM (RMHP).

Notably, iron ores (fines) received from various sources from SAIL mines are unloaded in Track Hopper-2 and Track Hopper-3. All incoming iron ores are received in Hopper type (BOBS Wagons) wagons and when the doors of the wagons are opened manually, all the materials fall on the Track Hopper bunkers due to gravity. Track Hoppers are designed to store more than one rake simultaneously, and from different sources without evacuation. Therefore, there used to be chances of mix up of materials from different sources and if samples are collected from the auto samplers, the authenticity of the exact source of the rakes could not be ascertained.

Initially samples were collected from the track hoppers manually during unloading of the rakes in the Track Hopper by standing on the bunker grills and with the help of a shovel. Samples were collected from different wagons as and when wagons were unloaded. This involved a lot of risks like invisibility during unloading due to dust, inhaling of dust particles by persons collecting the sample and danger of slipping into the bunker.

In order to overcome the above safety hazards,  a team comprising PK Mitra, GM (RCL); Deepak Mohanty, Assistant .Manager, R&C Lab; Ajit Kumar Panda, Senior Manager  (RMHP) and employees from RCL and  RMHP designed the trolley and fabricated it at the RMHP Mechanical shop. This innovation helped in better quality of output in a safer environment.

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