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JSP Foundation provides inverter to Kosala CHC for safekeeping of vaccines


ANGUL, AUGUST 25, 2022

As a responsible partner of Angul District Health Administration, JSP Foundation on Thursday provided a 5.5KVA, 48V inverter and 230AH 4 batteries for the safekeeping of various vaccines at Kosala Community Health Centre (CHC) during power cuts. The Inverter will maintain the quality immunisation programme and cold chain maintenance in the ILR Point.

Chhendipada MLA Susanta Kumar Behera and other Governing Body Members of Rogi Kalyan Samiti of the CHC were present on occasion.

Thanking the JSP Foundation for this timely support, MLA Behera said, “This will be beneficial for maintaining cold chain to store vaccines properly at CHC, Kosala where the rural women and children will be benefitted.”

The primary objective of providing the inverter is to ensure the safety of the vaccines which are at high-risk during long-duration power interruptions.  The ILR in the CHC is providing vaccines to five immunisation points of Chhendipada Block, where more than 1000 children and pregnant women are regularly vaccinated.

Universal Immunization Programme is also one of the critical interventions for protecting children from preventable life-threatening conditions.

Community health is one of the key focus areas of the JSP Foundation. The Foundation has been implementing various development interventions for the good health of mothers and children, reduction of malnourishment among children and women, and anaemia control among adolescent girls with the ultimate objective of reducing IMR and MMR.

In 2009, JSP installed an ILR Point inside its plant location, which covers 15 villages. On every immunisation day, a dedicated person delivers the vaccines to various immunisation points for ease of access by the health personnel to immunise the targeted beneficiaries within the timeline.

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