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Mom Hand launches multivitamin ‘Chhenapoda’



Mom Hand, a leading start-up, today launched its first of kind multivitamin ‘Chennapoda’ for immunity conscious customers. This famous sweetmeat of Odisha will help in increasing one’s immunity which is very important during this challenging time, claimed the company.

A team of experts has developed this delicious and healthy ‘Chennapoda’ after extensive research and experiment for months together. Natural and organic ingredients like cheese, almond, Triphala, Amla, dates, apple, pomegranate, etc are used to prepare this product in a state-of-the- art facility; and all quality parameters are strictly adhered to, the company said at a press meet today.

On this occasion Ms Nilima Patra, Founder, Mom Hand said that, “At Mom Hand, we are extremely excited to announce our new product – multivitamin Chhenapoda. As this sweet dish has been a popular choice for many customers for years, we are confident of reaching out to a wider customer base which will help us take the brand’s growth to further heights,” said Nilima Patra, Founder, Mom Hand.

Talking about the company’s business plan, Patra said, “We want to represent Odisha outside the state through our products. Our plan is to expand the product portfolio by adding new and innovative products. Our next plan is to introduce multivitamin ‘rasagola’.”

 The Bhubaneswar-based start-up plans to expand its footprint to different cities as per the opportunity, and export the products to other parts of India and even abroad.

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