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Thanks to TPCODL, new electricity connection just a phone call away now

Tata Power Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL) is making significant advancements in enhancing transparency and ensuring customer convenience. To achieve this, TPCODL has a hassle-free process for individuals seeking new power connections. This streamlined procedure involves four simple steps: Registration, Document Submission, Payment and Verification, and Meter Installation, all handled by the company.

Customers have various convenient options to initiate the new connection process. They can call TPCODL’s dedicated toll-free number 1800-345-7122/1912, give a missed call to 8093009990, send the message “NC_Mobile Number_Name” to 8093009990, email their details (name, address, mobile number) to newconnection@tpcentralodisha.com, or visit the website https://mobidyut.com/NewConnection/Connection using a mobile or desktop device. Upon registration, prompt assistance from the company officials would be provided, TPCODL said in a statement on Thursday.

For document submission and payments, TPCODL has introduced multiple channels and mediums. Once customers complete the initial registration step, they can conveniently upload relevant documents and make online payments through SMS/WhatsApp/E-mail links provided by the company. Alternatively, customers also have the option to physically submit documents and make payments at the nearest Consumer Care/Section Office of the division.

“TPCODL always aims to prioritize customer convenience and foster transparency through simplified steps. The process is designed to make it easier and more transparent for customers to connect with our services. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, and this new process eliminates the need for a mediator, allowing customers to connect with us directly. We believe this will result in a more efficient and cost-effective experience for our customers,” said M. Shenbagam, Chief Executive Officer, TPCODL.

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